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Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel) by Light&Lowell Review

Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel) Book 1 - Light & Lowell

I loved reading this book. It's a very interesting take on the over-popularized subject of paranormal youth with a talent for magic. This book very much stands out among others that I've read in this genre. It took me a couple of pages to realize that this story was different, in a good way, and I just couldn’t stop reading.


The main hero is Rome, a guy who goes to a new and weird school. That school has two types of students, the regular students and ones who receive a special scholarship and are "gifted"... Well, needless to say that they are gifted in a very special way. That premise alone captivated my attention and I just kept turning pages from that point on.


The book is well-written and thoroughly entertaining. I think it has a real chance of going big because people are gonna notice it. Also, besides the plot which is great, I loved the unique atmosphere about this book and it's not something that you find in every book. Authors did a great job starting new series. I’m looking forward to read the next book.

Bounty of Her Heart by Jessica Anderson Review

Bounty Of Her Heart (Stealing a Pirate's Heart, #3) - Jessica   Anderson

This is such a wonderful book, beautifully-written, captivating, filled with adventures, drama and love, and pirates. I haven't yet read the first two books in a series but now I'm gonna. I got attached to the lives of the characters and I want to know more about them. The author is definitely skillful with words and knows how to write a story that would captivate readers’ hearts. A great read in this genre, no question, it's a 5 star.

Penny Lane Paranormal Investigator by David Cooper Review

Penny Lane, Paranormal Investigator: The Ouija Board Mystery - David J. Cooper

First of all, I like it that the Author has researched the field before starting to write the book and he knows what he is talking about. There are actually facts and things that happened in real life mixed with fiction in this book and that is very thrilling and exciting to know before you even start reading.


I like that the story is well mapped-out, meaning that the place where everything is happening and the key characters are nicely described in the beginning and that gives you the ability to visualize it all and let the story in, so to speak. The main heroine, Penny Lane is a very approachable, next-door type of girl with a spark in her eyes. She helps people investigate paranormal incidents that they think happened to them, sometimes there is nothing paranormal about those cases but sometimes there is…


It was a great read, well-paced and thrilling. It was everything that the title of the book promised and more. I completely and totally enjoyed it even though it is not something I usually read. I think this book is a great way to start the series about Penny and her adventures. I would definitely love to read more of it.

Always by Khloe Knight Review

Always - Khloe Knight

Among the myriads of gay reads this one clearly stands out. I was pulled into the story right from the first page. It's all the things I love - the high school romance, one boy is out of the closet and another one is not, the bullying issue, there's a third boy getting in the picture and so forth. Everything a good gay read needs is there. And it all is put together nicely and skillfully. The last time I was enjoying the story so much was when I was reading the Geography Club. I’m looking forward to read the sequel as I already got attached to the characters.


I enjoyed this one 100%. 5 stars.

Mistaken Identity by C.A.Anderson

Mistaken Identity - C.A. Anderson

Such a great novelette, beautifully-written, amazing characters and witty dialogs. I read it in one take as the story grabbed me and captivated me and I just couldn't stop reading until I finished the whole thing. I was impressed and enjoyed practically every page of it. The story is mysterious and suspenseful and the Author builds tension skillfully. The story is about Stuart Mason, a charismatic man, who finds himself renting a room in the hotel that was booked for somebody else and that is where the things begin to happen. I was so intrigued by the set-up and wanted to find out what happens next and I wasn’t disappointed when I did. It was great. I really enjoyed it. The story has everything it needs to have and was just perfect from my point of view. Great one! I recommend.  

Escaping the Sun by Rhett Goreman Review

Escaping the Sun - Rhett Goreman

I am a big fan of reads like that and I thought the book was engaging from the very first page, well-written and nicely-paced.

The story starts off with the childhood memories of the main hero, Rhett, as he is hiding from the Authorities and waiting for the Adoption Day. The nicely described post-war ruins, the dominance of nature over the tumbledown cities that no longer are up-to-standard for the Authorities themselves provide a nice shelter for the orphans minus the constant danger of being caught which is what happens and Rhett gets civilized and fixed and adopted and the story begins... He gets his education and place in the society and finds out about all sorts of problems that the sun is going to cause in the near future... and the ways to escape them… and the adventures begin.

I really enjoyed reading it and kept on turning pages ready to find out what happens next. I like that kind of books and it very-well resonated with me. I think anyone who loves science fiction would enjoy this one as much as I did.


Presence - Perie Wolford I finally finished it. I received a free copy from the Author a couple of weeks ago and I had my doubts when I started reading it. I thought I knew what was going to happen after the chapter two and I stopped reading for a couple of days but then I still wanted to know what was going to happen next and I'm so glad I continued reading.

It blew me away so much. The more I was reading the deeper I was getting into the unique world of Presence. The plot turned out to be completely unpredictable. In the end of each chapter things can change 360 degrees. And I loved it.

I love the atmosphere about this book, the NYC but off the grid and characters can't look any people in the eyes. By the way, the Author provided an awesome Digital Booklet with illustrations that were amazing and the graphical explanation of how the world of Presence worked. It was helpful and cool.

I got so captivated by this book I guess because it is so different from the things I was reading lately, it's unique and fresh. It kept me thrilled until the very last page.

I want more and I'm so reading the next book when it comes out.

Dumb Jock

Dumb Jock - Jeffrey A. Erno This book was recommended to me by a gay guy and I read it. I'm not a gay guy but I do enjoy reading gay romance and this one was very nice. I liked the story, I liked the style. I liked everything about this book and I'm looking into other books of this author.


Matched - Ally Condie It was awesome. I didn't think I'd enjoy it this much but the book really is worth it. The first thing that I'm looking for in a book is a unique atmosphere, the world that you can feel rather than understand. And I loved the world that the Author has created here. I totally enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in these series.

Obsidian (A Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Good book. I enjoyed it.

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