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Escaping the Sun by Rhett Goreman Review

Escaping the Sun - Rhett Goreman

I am a big fan of reads like that and I thought the book was engaging from the very first page, well-written and nicely-paced.

The story starts off with the childhood memories of the main hero, Rhett, as he is hiding from the Authorities and waiting for the Adoption Day. The nicely described post-war ruins, the dominance of nature over the tumbledown cities that no longer are up-to-standard for the Authorities themselves provide a nice shelter for the orphans minus the constant danger of being caught which is what happens and Rhett gets civilized and fixed and adopted and the story begins... He gets his education and place in the society and finds out about all sorts of problems that the sun is going to cause in the near future... and the ways to escape them… and the adventures begin.

I really enjoyed reading it and kept on turning pages ready to find out what happens next. I like that kind of books and it very-well resonated with me. I think anyone who loves science fiction would enjoy this one as much as I did.

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