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Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel) by Light&Lowell Review

Cursed Hearts (A Crossroads Novel) Book 1 - Light & Lowell

I loved reading this book. It's a very interesting take on the over-popularized subject of paranormal youth with a talent for magic. This book very much stands out among others that I've read in this genre. It took me a couple of pages to realize that this story was different, in a good way, and I just couldn’t stop reading.


The main hero is Rome, a guy who goes to a new and weird school. That school has two types of students, the regular students and ones who receive a special scholarship and are "gifted"... Well, needless to say that they are gifted in a very special way. That premise alone captivated my attention and I just kept turning pages from that point on.


The book is well-written and thoroughly entertaining. I think it has a real chance of going big because people are gonna notice it. Also, besides the plot which is great, I loved the unique atmosphere about this book and it's not something that you find in every book. Authors did a great job starting new series. I’m looking forward to read the next book.

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