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Mistaken Identity by C.A.Anderson

Mistaken Identity - C.A. Anderson

Such a great novelette, beautifully-written, amazing characters and witty dialogs. I read it in one take as the story grabbed me and captivated me and I just couldn't stop reading until I finished the whole thing. I was impressed and enjoyed practically every page of it. The story is mysterious and suspenseful and the Author builds tension skillfully. The story is about Stuart Mason, a charismatic man, who finds himself renting a room in the hotel that was booked for somebody else and that is where the things begin to happen. I was so intrigued by the set-up and wanted to find out what happens next and I wasn’t disappointed when I did. It was great. I really enjoyed it. The story has everything it needs to have and was just perfect from my point of view. Great one! I recommend.  

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